Friday, June 25, 2010


This is mostly just a test page for beta testing the site. Here is a video of the J-man trying to tell me he wants his play house. Mom is slow to pick up.


  1. Amazed at how much your exchange reminded me of me and my son. Wow. So, so similar. How old is J-man again? I must figure out a way to show you a video we/I did for the Camarata's last year when he was just shy of turning three. First I have to convince my husband it good idea -- he's the geek in the house ;-) (and very protective of his kiddos)

  2. ps Thank you so much for taking this on to your already full load.... pps I think you can restrict the people who have access to blogspot by email accounts & invitation only... typepad also has a way of password protected entries. Just don't know how it could be maintained???